Shared Miles

Northeast Runner’s Alliance’s (NeRA)  Shared Miles initiative is focused on increasing the accessibility and diversity of the Greater Portland, Maine running community. Shared Miles will provide essential running gear, training plans, and entry fee assistance to one goal race per participant each calendar year, for a maximum of 10 participants in 2021. In addition to providing the basics for training, NeRA aims to provide community support by connecting Shared Miles athletes with local running groups if desired. 

To achieve this, NeRA is forming collaborative partnerships with corporate sponsors, local organizations, and the collective running community, which will provide each participating athlete with a basic running kit.  

Each kit will include:

  • Shorts/tights
  • Technical shirts – both long and short sleeve
  • Socks – versatile for running in all temperature conditions
  • Sports bras
  • Running shoes
  • Running sunglasses (to be supplied by Goodr in 2021)
  • Training/race fuel (oatmeal and bars supplied by Picky bars in 2021) 
  • Additional gear, such as reflective vests, hats and gloves will also be offered

Each athlete in the Shared Miles program will have the opportunity to seek assistance to pay for entry to a goal race during the calendar year, should they so desire. Program administrators can assist in selection of a race, if asked, and race fees will be paid directly to the event.

Participants will have the opportunity to access a 5k or 10k training plan, designed by a credentialed run coach in the Greater Portland community, and suitable for runners of any level. This plan does not offer one on one individualized training, but is a general template for a specific distance goal.

If you or someone you know is a good candidate for this, please fill out the form and we will be in touch. Thanks!